We develop cutting edge quantitative algoritmic trading solution for traders that involve trading in Malaysia or global markets.

Mr. Mohd Farhan Kamalludin

QuantCodes Coach

RHB Investment Bank
+6012 - 7600638

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QC Trend

Quant Codes Trend on TradingView & Metatrader 4. This algoritmic strategy consists of color candle for trend action, dynamic support-resistance levels and signal trigger with proper position sizing. Simple tutorial given for newbie to understand. 

Candle Trend

Trend action can be identify with color candles. Any reversal points based on changes of color candles. 

GREEN = Uptrend

RED = Downtrend

YELLOW = Sideways

Support & Resistance

Support & Resistance line automatically plotted based on current market situation. 

Place your order at Support & Resistance level will reduce risk or having LONG at higher price or SHORT at lower price. 

Use higher time frame for bigger picture. Lower time frame can be use for scalping strategy. 

Position Sizing

Each entry base on proper money management to ease trader for decision making. Usefull for CFD trader because lowest lot is 0.01. 

Strong Signal

Medium Signal

Weak Signal


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Forex & CFD

Disclaimer:  Before you start trading, you should completely understand the risks involved with the market, and you should be aware of your level of experience.

QC Signal

You can also subscribe to our QC Signal on telegram channel without hassle setup from TradingView from our QC Trend. You can access high probability profitable entry without looking at chart. 

Foreign Exchange (FX)

All signal based on QC Trend. No need to install any other apps, signal receive through teleram channel that can access on smartphone and even on desktop.

Asian Session: UJ, AU, NU, EJ, GJ 

London Session:  EU, GU, EJ, GJ 

US Session: EU, GU, UJ, AU, NU, EJ, GJ, UCad

Futures Crude Palm Oil (FCPO)

We provide trading signal for shariah compliance futures instrument; FCPO. 

We using our QC Trend, algoritmic by notify via Telegram for intraday trading signals.

Coming Soon

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Outdoor Activity

Outdoor Activity

Outdoor Activity



for 6 months

QC Signal

  • Follow our signal based on QC Trend on your smartphone or desktop for intraday trading idea. 


for 6 months

QC Trend

  • Visualize algoritmic trading strategy, include with trading alert & signal. Can apply on TradingView & MetaTrader 4. 

Our Pricing

Subscription NOT include with TradingView premium plan. 

QC Trend TradingView

QC Trend MetaTrader 4

QC Signal FX

QC Signal FCPO


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Before you start trading, you must understand the risks involved with the market, and you should consider of your level of experience.


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